A long time ago some researchers at UCL started wondering why they spent so much time taking care of the flies and so little time researching.

They tried some improvements, like hiring more people or buying a robot.
Both solutions were expensive.

Because researchers were busy with their investigations, they contacted an
engineer to work on the improvements.
The requirements they made were easy: it should reduce flipping time considerably and,
it should be cheap.

After hours of hard work, the solution was a tiny device that was able to flip a vial much faster.
That device succeeded immediately, but it did not last long. Researchers decided that they wanted many devices working together and the engineer, of course, made it happen.
Many combinations were tested: 2, 5, 8, 10, 20, 24 or even 100.

Back in 2015, the lab received the first batch of prototypes (made with a 3D printer).

In 2016 UCL patented the device.
Since then, drosoflippers have been improved following researches directions.
They have been used hundreds of times and have proved to be very useful and reliable.

The device reduces flipping time considerably, does not need training, reduces mistakes, is reusable, keeps vials in order, etc.

In may 2017 the mass production was approved and the blueprints were sent
to the factory.

In August 2017, the factory produces the firs drosoflipper units.